Mothers in Law (to be)


Does everyone have to hate their mother in laws?

Do mothers in law have to hate the girl dating their son?

Do they have to go out of their way to cause a stir?

What is it about a girl that they suddenly decide is just not worth the air they breathe?

My “mother in law” so to speak, has suddenly given me the flick. All over me wanting to cut my hair short. For context, I have long hair, but it’s annoying it curls it’s way into dread locks that I then have to spend weeks combing out and conditioning. It’s a hand full. And I threw out the idea of cutting it short. Like Ruby Rose short. Short back and sides with a longer area on top I could style. I threw it at my friends they cheered, my boyfriend asked if he could do it for me, my parents said to talk to the hair dresser first and then my mother in law.

Well she…She decided that if I cut my hair my “bad boy boyfriend” would leave me.

I was justifiably offended I feel.

She called he son shallow.

I’d say that’s grounds for being mildly offended and a tad hurt. So I said so and all I got in reply?

“Well I know him better”


He’s your son.

But if the guy was so shallow he’d dump me over a hair cut wouldn’t he have already dumped me over my stretch marks, sleepy eyes and wobbly bits?

He loves all my flaws but cutting my hair is unforgivable?

She’s like the motherfucking step mother from Tangled stroking her hair.



But I let it go and just walked away.

Facebook makes key board warriors of us all right?

And then.

She makes a call about arts students.

About how our degrees are a waste of every body else’s time and money, and how really we should all go out and get “real jobs”

Which is funny.

When arts students say it.


but that doesn’t mean she can go throwing shade on people just for shits and giggles.

What made it all that sinch more personal was her jab at my enlistment into the Army Reserves. Which amazingly I did not do to find a job but because it has been something I’ve always wanted to be involved with.

I worked hard from primary school.

I practised and practised and practised every single day with the one goal of making it to university and studying music and getting into a world renowned orchestra and playing for the world.

A waste of time?

learning an art isn’t just a job it’s a lifestyle. We choose these jobs knowing it might take a while, knowing we might be poor, or living on bare minimum but we choose it anyway.

Because we love it.

We want to share it with the world.

We want to practise our art, force our way into it’s secrets.


Am I so wrong to feel offended by her words?

As much as I know she may only talk in jest. Has she not gone to far?

poking fun and taking swings are two different things.



Do yourself a favour

This is pretty fantastic.

Also if anyone is interested come like me.


I would also like to have a bit of an orange box rant about all this fuss over the redfoo song. Seeing as ranting about it seems to be the in thing right now. But I’ll wait till all the feminism shemozzle dies down and then I’ll say my piece.


life really sucks sometimes

It’s amazing, astounding even how you can go from being the only girl in his world, to another girl in the world over night. 


It really shocks me. 

And is really is the kick in the guts that I don’t need. 


Not that that was the point of this, but I thought it needed to be said. 


Also, since when was Tails even remotely Irish sounding? SERIOUSLY people. Isn’t it obviously a nick name? Or am I just believing in peoples IQ a little too much? …. though now that I think about it, I probably am a little too gullible when it comes to what I think people are capable of. 


Not that that was the point of this either. 

Moving right along. 


As I was driving home from work flicking through all the songs on my iPod I realised how many I skipped over because of the vivid memories that came with the songs. Is it just me? Am I the only person who has attached such realistic memories to songs to the point I can’t listen to the albums, months and even years after. 

Like Maroon 5 just reminds me of the guy that told me to “never attach memories to Maroon 5 you deserve to keep your favourite band to yourself” and so even two years on I haven’t touched Songs About Jane. 

Or Lifehouse the songs that defined an entire relationship. 

Or American Apparel because even though it wasn’t “our song” it somehow seemed to relate to how we saw each other. 

Or Meet Me In Paris because that was the song that kept us going through my Eurotrip (which now that I think about it completely jipped me of two months of a four month relationship that I think I deserved!) 

Or Trumpets by Jason Derulo because as much as it was crude it was how you showed me you loved me. 

Or Set Fire To The Third Bar because somehow even at 17 I managed to relate the lyrics to me being in Italy and him being in Australia and so far away yet so close. 


You see what I mean? I’ve managed to ruin just about every decent song out there, or at least the ones I actually want to listen to, to the point where I often drive home in complete silence because it’s easier that constantly hitting next on my dash board. 


I realise now there wasn’t really a point to this post more just a general rant about how being a sappy romantic can really suck sometimes. Especially when you are a musician and you live for the one thing you can’t stand. 


Life really sucks sometimes. 


Tomorrow is another day.