Correct Me If I’m Wrong

But the Large Hadron Collider isn’t possibly capable of turning into an EMP and destroying the ozone layers above the earth to expose us the the solar flares that would lead to the the equivalent of The Scorch Trials?



Firstly I’d like to share this.

So that should you wish to actually read what my boyfriend is talking about you can.

It’s an interesting premise

And certainly one full of odd a peculiar coincidences.

But are they really any more than that?

He also thinks Obama is the re-incarnation of the Anti-Christ with the original being Hitler because according to his sources Obama is basically the black Hitler – he also goes on to say that Obama is from the Middle-East and is Muslim but that’s another story.

He believes that the Large Hadron Collider will be switched on on the 23rd of September thus creating a black hole, which will naturally suck in the entire world and that’ll be us. Over. Gone. Turned into cosmic goop.

(Even though the LHC has been on since April and currently doesn’t have the power to push the atoms fast enough to create anything at all which was why it was such down in the first place)

He also believes the governments are lying to us.

That Texas is under Martial Law.

That the Military is covering up in preparation for a major take over (notably he thinks all this other stuff will somehow all happen within the next five days before the LHC gets turned on and we all get sucked into a black hole)

That the Pope said that Catholics were no longer Catholics.

And that the Pope signed an official document with Obama to agree to bomb Syria (though why the Pope would be involved in a military decision I have yet to discover)

and so on.

I on the other had take much of this with a pinch of salt.

One movie does not a history make.

Nor does a few keyboard activists in there mummies basements spinning stories to appease their psyche that they are not wasting their miserable lives.

And so I can only think of humorous replies.

I feel terrible yes because we are currently not speaking due to my reluctance to accept the words given to a movie and his refusal to accept that all of this is complete clap trap without any real evidence.

But seriously.

The day after the impending apocalypse I have some ripper hashtags for him.

And a cake

“I’m so sorry you’re impending apocalypse didn’t happen”

Well actually just a plate with “I’m sorry the black hole got the cake”