Another thing my mother says

My mum as I’m sure you’ve noticed is well odd.

An over religious women who is about the most intolerant and unforgiving person I have ever ever ever met (and yes I should be studying but seriously)

Last night it was:

Mother Dearest: “But you’re not going to marry this one”

Me: “Why what’s wrong with him?”

Mother Dearest: “Think of what the children would be like”


Like what? Think of the children? What children? I’m 22 for gods sake why on earth would I be thinking about them in the first place? Never mind the fact I literally cannot stand the idea of owning one of those things. If my upbringing is anything to go by I think I’d be damn useless at parenting.

In her attempt to be “subtle” she practically kicks the door down and screams she doesn’t like the guy. Like how do you even respond to such a bizarre statement?


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