When You Date An Opinionated Person

Which is really a polite way of say a racist.

He’s blindly racist.

He has a point in there amongst all the swearing and wild accusations.

He loves his country. And he’s afraid of what could happen to his country.

But at the same time he’s got so much wrong. His facts are often wildly exaggerated and generally seem more along the lines of mad propaganda than informed education.

How do I explain this to him?

If he could see past the anger and muddled uneducated then he would realise that there is a lot more to this world than racist slander. There is a lot more to the situation in the Middle East than just the World against Islam. There is far more to a religion that what you see in the news. And regardless of what you believe. If you’re going to argue on the grounds of religion, then you should know that religion as well as any believer.

His mind is angry.

I wish I could get him to calm that fiery storm.

I myself, I have opinions too. But I keep them too myself, till I know for sure that I have my facts straight. I want to be sure of myself. Sure of my knowledge. My opinion is for myself. I feel no need to force it on others. They have their own crosses to bare, they’re own experiences that shape how they see the world.

I grew up in the church.

Although I don’t believe.

I still have a great respect for the place.

I may have lost my faith, but it taught me far more than just one religions thoughts on creation. It taught me to forgive, to turn the other cheek, to learn when to walk away and when to stand my ground. But it also taught me tolerance (something my mother needs more of but alas that is for another time) I have patience when it comes to people, I let them speak their mind, and never argue unless I see it as an argument work investing my passion into. Some people need to learn on their own, others taught.

Where my boyfriend falls in this is lost on me.

He has the passion for this country our politicians need.

But he has the mindset of a back water back packer with no concept of tolerance.

Puzzle me this.