When your ex

Yes, When your ex gets back with his ex.

And announces it at 2am.

And then again at 10am the next day.

Like seriously WTF man?

I graciously ignored the first message assuming it wasn’t meant for me. We haven’t spoken in months, not in a I-hate-you-stay-out-of-my-life kind of sense, just we don’t talk. Obviously.

But the when the second one came through it was like he’d poked a beehive with a stick.

The fool.

I considered the replies.

Ranging from the guilt trip of admitting I was totally still in love with him, to the complete crazy eyed bitch of those memes and raging the world at him and the hoe.

And then I looked over at my abalicious boyfriend sound asleep on my bed.

The lightbulb went off.

I snapped a sneaky picture.

And replied.

“That’s good, my bed is too full of boyfriend to fit you in again anyway”


I can say right now that I am totally proud of that response.

It was radio silence on the other end.

So I took that as a win.