Frustrations Friends

Why do people insist with drama? 7700b6c48938a7684cf0ff15f2c66a79

Why can’t friends stand by each other any more?

One wrong step and suddenly you’re out on the door step in the cold, alone.

What happened to old school till death do us part friendship?


3 thoughts on “Frustrations Friends

  1. This is funny because you have hardly any friends other than people from your job. Maybe you need to stop continually making “wrong steps” and stop blaming others… People keep ditching you for a reason.

    • I also like the fact that you lack the balls to say any of this too my face when you seem to consider yourself so well informed on my life let alone use your real name. And exactly what was your point? People keep ditching me for a reason? You obviously are one of the people that have? Care to share? or would that damage the “anonymous” nature of your post?

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