Date Night, Late Night

Some people strike you as romantic.

Others, the more strong silent type.

and others style leave you completely lost.

This here was the latter.

I can’t read him, I can’t tell if he’s thinking something romantic or if he’s contemplating his desire for maccas at 3am and wether cutting his hair really was the best decision. I don’t really know if having the ability to read someone is a good thing. Is there some kind of stats on that? Do relationships work out regardless? I mean on a digress I don’t really mind the unreadable bad boy, keeps me on my toes. Stops me getting complacent. But that’s on the wayside. I don’t know enough to make an educated post.

But my unreadable boy, well he sort of slept through and worked through valentines day which although wasn’t a big deal, it was a deal. In that I’m a girl and it’s what I do kind of deal way.

I got over it.

What’s  one day right?

Till yesterday.

And then my unreadable boy.

Turned into awkward romantic.

He picks me up in his ute looking all smooth talking and confident. We drive around and get dinner, drinks, and picnic supplies, dinner I wasn’t allowed to even so much as nibble at, and then drives me all the way into the city, gets himself completely lost, and then leads me on a rather entertaining hike through the park, up 101 stairs, to eat dinner at the top of a 15 meter tower.



Is it love?

Or am I being my usual?

Head over heels before I’ve even seen the risks.


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