Setting the Scene

So it’s close to 2am. Well more like 11:30pm but 2am sounds way more exciting and full of romantic tension.

I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing.

No Caller ID

If this is virgin mobile calling me I’m going to be raging.


Hey, What you up to?

Sleeping, why? 

I’m sorry

Sorry for what? 

For being a jerk

When were you a jerk?

I just was


And that was the highlight of my week. Obviously I’m hoping it was a certain lost lover that was apologising for not calling. But on another obvious note it was clearly a drunk dial wrong number from someone who has no romantic interest in me what so ever. And now I have this really irritating frustration of wanting to know exactly what happened and why why why I was the person to receive such a call and if it was indeed said romantic interest.

Right now I really need to hit something.


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