My Advent

Day 1 – Ginger Bread House (the Ikea build your own kind)

Day 2 – Argan Oil

Day 3 – Two Blocks of Chocolate

Day 4 – One Block of Chocolate

Day 5 – Two Pens

Day 6 – One Block of Chocolate (I think my mum is trying to tell me something)

Day 7 – Pens

Day 8 – Paintbrushes

Day 9 – Paint

Day 10 – Paintbrush

Day 11 – Nail polish

My mum made my advent calendar (it’s like a blanket with little stockings on it) and although at first it started with chocolates and stickers, it then evolved to anything my mum could stuff into the tiny socks. And eventually to her hanging numbers off of string that corrolated to the presents sitting below. And this year, well this year it got to the point of her putting a basket of 24 presents below the calendar and declaring I could open any which one I chose (although I seem to horrify her every morning by picking the wrong ones)


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