I know the title is a little off kilter to the video.

But somehow I feel like both are completely appropriate together.

On the one hand I’ve spent the last few days stuck in emotional limbo. Literally like I’ve fallen (rather like falling down a really really (and I mean seriously) sharp pointed cliff with lots of ledges to temporarily catch my fall and then break to send me tumbling down again) from cloud nine. Although I still have quite hit rock bottom yet. Which is becoming more and more frustrating.

And then on the other hand I’m out dancing disgracefully dirty.

It’s like having two lives.

At some point it’s going to collide right?

I have been writing this, as I always do, over the last week or two. And now to completely go in the opposite direction I found this funny little article. I don’t really have any reason for sharing it, no sappy girly memories, no emotional attachment, nothing to tie me and this article other than the fact that it’s mildly entertaining.

The main reason I’ve been so erratic with writing this is these.


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