Falling is Flying

Or have I used that one before?

I know I’ve been big on posting my new paintings as part of my teeny tiny business of Nicholson & Toulouse┬áso pretty please go and check me out because having barely 100 likes is getting me down.

Also this. I think it’s a damn good concept. Although this woman makes it sound a little too crass and base for my taste. It’s still pretty genius. I mean why should girls wait the socially acceptable amount of time to eventually get to the whole point of the entire dating situation. Sex. That’s usually the biggest (and fastest) deal breaker is it not? A guy can be 10 kinds of weird and and wonderful but if he can’t do the horizontal tango to blow your mind then you’re going to make like a tree and leaf? (yes I did need that) so why not get it all sorted and settled before the poor sucker goes spending millions on dinner and you go starving yourself to look good when the sexual tension eventually explodes. I wouldn’t say you must fuck the person on the first date, I’m just saying that I really do think that the whole waiting part is a load of BS.

I have actually only ever done the above once. And in retrospect I can see the pros and the cons to the whole scenario. On one hand it was utterly liberating to release all that sexual tension that had built up over the night but on the other hand I could have (and luckily I didn’t) come over as a little too easy to get and thus not worth the time and money of a real relationship something that that article sort of dances around. Lucky for me he wasn’t that into standard classifications of people but unlucky for some because lets face it could back fire rather……nastily.

anyway that was just me procrastinating from painting