Please Don’t Let This Turn Into Something It’s Not

I’m not a fan of these title bits.

So I’m just picking songs that have been important to me.

What I really want to ask is this; is so bad to speculate that a friend is gay? Not in a judging disapproving sense but in a I’m really worried that a friend is denying himself and it’s having an adverse affect on his personality and general happiness with life.

I don’t want to call him out on it.

He’s the one who keeps throwing himself pity parties.

Which screams internal strife.

To me anyway.

How do you support someone going through that without making them think you’re judging them? Hell he might not even be gay in the end so what do I do? We (being his friends) have discussed it at length. We worry about his self esteem, his confidence and in particular his happiness. We don’t want to see him sink deeper into this struggle. I’ve been where he is, that dark dark place where you don’t know which way is up. I wish looking back my friends had chimed in and reminded me that we are friends first, sexual preferences second. He’s our mushy glue that stops us drifting and reminds us all that friends (as clichĂ© as it sounds) need to stick together. And now our glue is getting a little less gluey and we’re all holding on hoping he doesn’t forget how to stick.

Which brings me to the other end of the spectrum with the “my girlfriend dumped me and slept with another guy but technically she just needs some space and she still loves me and we’ll get back together” guy.


Why would you believe such a thing? Why would you willingly let a girl tell you she wants a break, then tell you she still wants dates and talking, then tell you she fucked another guy but that it was totally an accident, then tell you she misses you and wants you back but only in four months time?


Or stupidity?

I can’t get my head around it. And why then do you run to the girl you ditched because the now ex-girlfriend hated so much she refused to even let you snap chat her? What are you expecting? Kindness and gentle advice? GET YOUR KITTENS IN A ROW YOU KNOB. I’m not some advice guru you can call up when life gets shit. You can’t choose when you’re friends with someone! Maybe that works in your twisted reality but honestly guys. Friends are friends because we have each other ever minute of every day and even when we’re pissed we’d still come running if you needed to bury a dead body.

I have enough to deal with without your lack of a love life to contend with too!

Oh you miss cuddling?


I’m still trying to clamber out of my depression and the damn ladder keeps breaking so please keen your little teeny problems to yourself or to someone who freaking cares. When my life fell apart, when I was in hospital recovering from an OD where were you? huh? That’s right buried 3 inches deep in your whale of an ex girlfriend to caught up in the moment to check your goddamn phone.


Although I’m not gonna lie I actually did give him a whole hunky bunch of advice to help him first win his girl back and then told him to scram in a far nicer way than my previous explosion.

But why oh why must I attract such lost puppy causes?



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