digging deeper

I am not really sure what to write tonight.

I also didn’t write.

It has been a hard ass day.

Not like a day I want to complain about. In that way it’s been pretty dardy but man every bone on my body seems to want to have it’s own private pity party right about now.

In saying that why do people have pity parties these days?

Honestly, since when was your minor struggle with being able to meet the right girl (while refusing to shave of the homeless man that is currently growing from your chin) on a side not this is all kinds of shit cray awesome  such a mother fucking big ass honking deal? You tell everyone you don’t give a fuck and that you’re so “over this shit” because you just “don’t care anymore” but then given two bottles of rum and a heated spa you’re having a three year old temper tantrum with the my-life-is-worse-than-anyone-could-ever-understand-and-there-is-no-one-who-is-worse-of-than-me even though you’re a grown up big ass human being. Is it really that impossible to think outside of our own private worlds these days?

I do feel sorry for the guy (before any other angry bystanders start mouthing off) and he is actually a really good friend so I know for a fact that he does not have one of those horrifying back stories that make you regret ever complaining about so much as your toothpaste being a little too minty. He’s got a pretty sweet deal, living at home, working a good job and has mates that would give their left nut for him without hesitation but yet he still feels the need to throw massive practically wedding party sized pity sessions for himself on an almost regular basis and always in regards to really fixable things.

I want to tell him to suck it up.

But on the other hand I realise that I’ve been that pity party thrower and I really just needed a friend to gently kick my little ass into shape.

So I’ve sucked up my suck it up speech and opted for the more supportive approach.

Not easy.

Which also leads me to another oddity I have had the misfortune of encountering and some how become the crutch for. But I’ll save the for tomorrow and the great “I love my girlfriend but she wants to have a break and she’s screwed another guy already but I love her and she loves me and she just needs a bit of space to find her self” which also needs to follow the “Dear Riley the arrogant little twerp that doesn’t have the balls to complain to my face about the way I live my life” letter.



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