my inner nerd just died

Thors look of panic 

And the fact there is apparently a whole X Men movie I completely missed out on seeing.

What the actual?


in this position

It might seem corny, lame even, to say a song is exactly how I feel about life right now. But lets be honest we all do it right? We all secretly relate our lives to a series of songs and then laugh at the people who have the balls to say it out loud.

Well I’m admitting it.

I’m joining the crowd of slightly self obsessed and clearly mad individuals who relates their life and events to songs *and often very cliche and popular songs at that*

People did actually warn me.

Although a little too late.

By the time I found out just what I was getting myself into I was already into you. I was already in the position people warned me not to be in.

I laughed.

“Don’t be silly”

“We’re just friends”

“I don’t fall for guys. Ha. That’ll be the day”

Who was I kidding?

And now I’m in this position.

With you.

Yep. Cliché to the max.

I could even write one of those Mills & Boon novels on this shit.

Super duper cliché.

But ever so funny, in that sad, I’m gonna to laugh at this situation because it’s far to “from a movie” to really be realistic and yet somehow is a blinding reality.

Ah 360 how you manage to capture such a true moment of probably ever 20 something year olds life in one hip hop song.



People often ask me why I want to join the defence force. Is it just a means to an end till I get a so called real job? It’s not a career they say. What will you do after that? Office work obviously? But why did you pick such silly degrees?

But it’s not a means to an end, it’s not an in between. It’s my goal. Hell it’s the only goal I’ve had since I unrealistically at 15 attempted to become a fighter pilot with my 5 arts related subjects and minimal maths never mind the 2 inches I needed to grow to be big enough for the cockpit. Camaraderie.

That’s why.