The Morals Of “Don’t Shit Where You Eat”

It’s been a long ass few weeks. I’ve learnt a lot. About myself. But more about people and their incessant need to screw me over at least once every two days or twice every day. I can’t remember.

But the biggest thing I’ve learnt is that the proverb “don’t shit where you eat” is something I am incapable of heeding. What. So. Ever. I mean seriously who even came up with that cheesy line relating to sleeping with people you work or train or have close constant contact with? SERIOUSLY SCREWING ME OVER.

Cue the photo summery of my last month or two.

There has been Queensland, Pugcakes, More Queensland (with that guy that’s in love with another girl and completely oblivious to the people around him and the fact that there might actually be a girl sitting there feeling those feelings for him but is having to lock them in a safe and tie them to an anchor and be his bestie with he cries into a kilo of strawberries) Movie World, 360 Utopia Tour, and last but certainly not least The Cat Empire. And there has been that don’t shit where you eat rule being broken more times than I really want to think about.

Either I have a problem.

Or Karma has it in for me this year.

But how far does this “rule” apply? Is it just your workplace or workplaces surrounding your workplace? And why oh why does it always end so badly? It’s always more awkward and painful than any other awkward and painful situation but why?


And why does it come with such crippling emotions? At what point was it decided that you had to fall so much harder for the people you spend too much time with in the first place? It’s not fair. The feels are wrong!


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