Because I owe Bella This

So I promised a friend at work I’d write a post about events that have passed in the last week (and yes I know I’ve skipped over the events of the last few months) but as I sat thinking about what to write it changed from outrageous indignation to a weird realisation that without these people I’d be very very lost.

And no, to the little squirt who decided to call me out on my chosen way of writing my blog, I haven’t forgotten about you, but I do know who you are. 

So to B and E and M you three might not realise it but you are the weird glue that pulled me back together when I was spiralling down into a dark dark place. You reminded me that life goes on, that you can laugh even when your life literally could not suck any more than it already did. There were days that I didn’t want to get out of bed, that getting up and going to work was the last thing I wanted to do, and then I’d fall into work and there you’d all be laughing about someones fat pants and how the twins share a boyfriend, the names people have and the frustration of people acting like the only reason we work in a juice bar is because we clearly are brain dead zombies that need ever freaking detail of the drink explained down to the weight and size of the strawberries, and you’d remind me why living is so worth it. It’s not the big things, it’s not grades, or money, or even being successful that matters. What really counts is the people around you, making you hiccup with laughter almost every day, friends that create a weird and sometimes awkward family that you’d rather be embarrassed with while the drink home made goon punch out of old water bottles and dance to bonkers in the back of your car than live without. And to S (who also is the loudest speculator of what is actually going on behind closed doors I’ve ever met especially considering how innocent you are it really does scare me that you were wondering out loud if T and M were still fully clothed and if not what was happening)  you are more than just the adorable blonde that we can’t imagine life without even when you’re drunk because lets be honest using a twister mat as a blanket was actually pretty attractive. You help us all get along, you are forever happy and endlessly kind and you stop all the negativity we bring to work from over flowing and help us forget just for the hours we spend in that silly little booth. And to all my other work friends to C (the baker extraordinary) and R (who threw up everywhere) and E (cuteness) and S (clearly evil) and J (the richest guy we know) and J (for making us love goon punch a little more and for the face you gave me when I walked in on you on top of B which was completely G rated incase anyone wants to know) and M (the tallest person I know) and and and, I wanna tell you how much you mean to me. You may not realise it now. But you help a very unhappy person smile again, and I will never be able to thank you all enough.

And finally to you, my best friend, you know who you are, you gluten free, dairy free vego you. I know you’re not talking to me, I know I’ve upset you, I know I’ve done something that has hurt you enough to make you want to push me away. But you have no idea how much I miss talking to you. You get all my shit *drama* and you tell me when I’m being dumb *all the freaking time I’d say by the amount of sensibility you seem to speak to me on a daily basis* and you know when to kick my ass *all the time* and tell me to grow up *more than all the time*

You’re my best friend. So I’ll not give up without a fight.

I love you guys like a fat kid loves cake.

Because there’s no better therapy than 2am drunk couch convos while the boys get lost buying chinese and passion pop.

See I can be emotional.

But I’ll keep it on the DL and return to having a solid sarcastic rant by lunch tomorrow.

After all.

There is so much to catch up on.



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