I have nothing

It has occurred to me that my life has been pretty quiet recently 

There is “tinder-boy-number-one” 

Who is leaving flowers and my door and opening doors on dates

There is “tinder-boy-number-two” 

Who I haven’t actually met yet but seems nice enough

There is “my-ex-boyfriends-best-friends’-friend”

Who I could never (and still can’t) take seriously when he says he’s serious 

And then there’s “EB-games-boy”

Who makes me laugh so much but I worry I’m not going to be the girl friend he has pictured in his mind. Plus lets not forget that he has managed to make an entire shops worth of girls hate me without me even having the pleasure of pissing them off myself. And he is also the only living human being I have ever had romantic interest in to turn me down MORE THAN ONCE. Never mind the fact he managed to make me feel like a big sister baby sitter as well as the most unattractive person to cross this planet in the space of one night and 200 dollars worth of ice hockey ticket. 

And then there is just all the problems that come along with my life

But on the plus I have my own cook book

And all of these 

Fresh Roasted Pumpkin Pie

Gluten Free Baked Custard Pie  

How to Paint An Acoustic Guitar (because lets be honest I’m never going to play mine)

Pumpkin Pancakes (16 of these babies is less than 250 calories although after adding cream and syrup that might change but the thought was there….while it lasted) 

Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie 

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

How To Pack A Jar Salad (because I’m really really really trying to tone up and loose the puppy fat because it’s no longer cute when you’re almost 22) 


also has anyone else seen the deep fried tequila shots post? 

I lost it. 


4 thoughts on “I have nothing

  1. What’s funny is that you bitch about this “eb-games-boy” making his coworkers hate you for no reason. Now I’m not 100% positive But, im pretty sure girls don’t respond well to you calling one of them a toad or what ever it was (which is grounds enough for dislike), not to mention the disgusting this you seem to think (and publicly voice) about him. As well as how you treat him and person I’m guessing is no better. Oh and the small issue of you juggling four different guys at once.

    Can you really complain about people disliking you for no reason?

    But don’t get me wrong. This is all amusing as fuck. Please continue.

    • 1. The reason I called her a toad was because she gossiped about me to his face, and behind my back (which if you actually read my blog rather than skimmed you’d see)
      2. he is (as are the other young men) aware that there is nothing serious going on between us, and that I am merely keeping my options open.
      3. If you knew me you’d find this far more entertaining, but as you clearly don’t know me you have assumed the worst = my lack of faith in humanity is yet again proven (never mind you incapability to string a sentence together)
      4. IF YOU DON’T LIKE HOW I LIVE THEN LEAVE I’m not forcing you to read this, and I’m not writing it for your personal entertainment.
      5. If by some stroke of bad luck you are one of the poor sad lonely girls working in said store. Come and say this to my face why don’t you? Because lets face it only cowards bitch online.

      • Whats funny is that you just called yourself a coward. If you have such a problem with them why don’t you say something to them?

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