And Yet More Baking Adventures

One day I will make a page filled solely with the the recipes I’ve made and make it a little more user friendly. But for Now I’ll stick to adding them to my neither here nor their posts.

Cherry Pie White Chocolate Cookies 

Gluten Free Chocolate Zucchini Bread with Teff Flour (no idea what Teff is though)

Bunners Bake Shop Cook Book (something I’d like to buy)

Flourless Lemon Poppy Seed  Cupcakes (though this website seems to be full of brilliance)

Kelsey’s Chocolate Chip Pancakes (easy yes…but cool)

Chocolate Almond Shortbread 

And this is just a clever trick for crispy fries 

Hopefully someone actually finds these interesting and makes them too. I really don’t post these just for my own benefit! I wanted to write a post about how much things have changed since a year ago, I know it’s quite cliché to talk and talk about how much life has changed (usually for the better and to be honest those kinds of people drive me up the wall, endless optimism is for children. Please. Keep it in your pants) but for some reason this odd sense of wonder has hit me quite strongly this year. And for not all the best reasons. But I’ll save it for when I have the words right in my head.

I also did this wonderful act of genius yesterday while the sun was out (it’s my suitcase) While I was on my two month solo trip of europe I picked up lots of these patches and have finally stuck them to my suitcase. I’m quite proud to be honest. hehe.




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