More Cooking Adventures For the Week

Although I am heading to the Dietician and probably back to the Naturopath at some point this week (and indeed the doctor too seeing as I can’t get rid of this blasted cold *which is probably the worlds way of telling me that karma can kick my ass too but we’ll pretend that isn’t so) I hope to cook some more rather inventive things. Although I seldom get the time to cook half the things I post (hence the lack of creative photography) – 

Raw Carrot Cake 

Citrus Salmon and Snow Pea Pasta 

Barbecued Side of Salmon

This morning I also coated my home made muesli in my own home made sweet sticky sauce and baked in the oven for a fair while till it’s all crispy and delicious just to give my rather bland (and no I’m afraid to admit that my diet can be a tad dull) cereal a nice little kick. 

Though chances are I’ll eat it before it reaches the box. 






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