Just Want To Say

I know I write about people in my life. 

Though I try to keep them “nicknamed” just so that it seems a little more fictional and a little less real. But it is my life, and it is a reality I live through every day, and I have no qualms about speaking my mind and sharing my honest opinion of the world. Usually the people never get a chance to read my blog (mainly because I keep it under wraps that I even have one) but on the odd occasion they do stumble across my blog and discover quite how mean I can be.  

Which happened just yesterday. 


For a bit of history I mentioned to “EB-Games-Boy” that I had a blog. And he being the generous over sharer that he is (and I mean that in the nicest way possible because people with that genuine trusting honesty are refreshing yet scarce in this overly secretive and petty society) shared it with the people he worked with. 

Which after the incident just the other day. 

Which I ranted about. 

Being the “I have terrible eyebrows and wear too much make up” event. 

The people involved plus other people within the store decided to look me up. 

And I believe got quite a nasty shock. 


That’s all. 

Karma you skinny underfed ferret. 

Have a go at me at your own risk. I take no prisoners and I make no apologies for what I say. This is my blog, my space, and I have a right to speak my mind on matters that clearly are aimed at me. If you’ve got a problem GROW A PAIR and say it too my face why don’t you?




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