So first off I want to make these lovely items this week 

(obviously making them gluten free and more suited to my tastes) 

Once I have more that $17 in my account

Bill Granger’s Corn Fritters

Healing Chicken Soup

Mulled Cider

The mulled cider is mainly because I have way too much left over in my fridge and nothing to do with it (because after the weekend I had the idea of drinking cider makes me want to hurl) and it seems like a good way to cure my cold. All those lovely spices and juices, it’s going to be delicious!

And my second point of call is that I went on a date with “business-card-boy” (I realise know I need to make nick names up for each of the gentlemen I meet with to make it all a little less confusing) He’s the lovely young man that while I was out with my friends one night had the courage and the balls to hand me his business card even though I was adamant he was far too young for me. So I felt I owed him a drink or two. So we went to one of the worst stand up comedy shows I’ve ever had the misfortune to attend in my life. There was far too many hints about the previous on goings of Rolf Harris (which incidentally I agreed with on part. Why is is that the only time you actually learn about pedophiles is when we’re too old for them to actually want to stalk us) and way too many “ums” Clearly none of them ever did public speaking classes.

I can’t stand people who say um. 

Tonight however is date number two with “tinder-guy-jake” 

Roller Blading and Japanese food all the way. 

And he’s picking me up. 

Updates to follow. 



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