Fructose Malabsorption

So if anyone actually reads these, you’d know I’m a gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, and soy free little person. I’m not allergic, and I’m not highly intolerant but life has been a whole load better without this food in my life (excluding my regular sneaky coffees because lets be honest almond milk really doesn’t cut it when it comes to a creamy mocha) But you’d also know I’ve been struggling with depression, it’s taken two years and three over doses for me to admit I need help, but I got that help, and found the ladder the climb out of the hole I’d fallen into. It’s been hard, I’m not going to lie. There is nothing pretty or romantic or even remotely beautiful about being depressed. It’s not like the movies. It’s painful and numbing, it’s like drowning and being buried alive and it’s the most alone I have and probably ever will feel.


But along the way I’ve finally started to learn more about myself.

And who I am.

And the processes I go through.

But as I’ve learnt about my personality my body has still not managed to catch up and feel just right. I’ve gone to bed one weight and woken up two kilos heavier in the morning. And I’ve eaten a light dinner, and then struggled to sleep like I’d eaten an huge rich decadent meal.


So I told my friend, that I felt like I couldn’t handle onion and garlic and a few other really random things. And she goes “Oh yeah, I can’t have any of that. I’m intolerant to fructose” So I go off and do some reading on Fructose Malabsorption and


Of course I need to get tested and see a doctor and all that.

But it’s still a massive step forward.



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