finally a normal human being

So for once.

And it is quite the most startling once I think I’ll ever have.



We had Blue Smurfs, $20 Moon Burger and glass of House Wine, Alcoholic Milkshakes, Mudcake, and an Afghan Cookie Special and I swear I walked out of there at least 2kgs heavier than I walked in.

The food was amazing.

Although none of it I should have been eating it.

And Jake.

He was just a guy.

There was no creepy, no weird, no issues, no suspicious hang ups, baggage or secret children, he didn’t try and kidnap me, or even kiss me, he paid for everything, and it was the most normally boring and perfectly refreshing experience.

Not that I’m getting ahead of myself as usual, I will actually try and contain my unorthodox excitement; the skeletons in his closet might come out and all my happiness will come crashing down and this will become another hilarious addition to my failing love life.

Smells like happiness.


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