Baking for the week so far

So for this week I’m going to take a risk and make all of this

Coconut Macaroon Chocolate Bars

2 Ingredient Chocolate Brownies 

Raw Banana Pudding 

Pork Belly With Slow Roasted Veggies

Assuming I get paid soon and actually have the income to buy the ingredients and make all the deliciousness. Food is the way to healing your soul right?

Mum also sent me a post card.

Or four.


oh and I thought I should add in a photo of my fridge from the weekend just incase you my dear readers were questioning my sanity when I yelled at my ex, and told the work-place-romance-guy that I hated him over and over for ruining everything (which I incidentally only found out this morning)


This is the real reason for my un-lady-like outburst.



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