Bullet Proof

Yeah, it ain’t good to be bullet proof
‘Cause in the end that bullet will be good for you
When I think of all the things that I wouldn’t do now
If it wasn’t for that one little bullet wound

It turns out my wordpress stalker has stopped stalking so I can go back to detailing my dramatically terrible love life without fear of being outed by him. Last week I had it all. I had ex boyfriend late night booty calls. First kisses for the workplace romance. And the awkward combination of the two at my party. 

In all honesty I question what I did in my past life that warranted such an unfortunate life. 

Was I serial killer or something? 


Becoming a nun is becoming more and more appealing. 

And why oh why would someone tell you they don’t want you because you don’t have a life but as soon as you actually get a life and friends, and have a party with these people, show up at the party? (just for a good time) BULL SHIT. I worked hard for those friends, I went out when I didn’t really want to, when I had no money, and when I was feeling more like eating and xboxing alone than being surrounded by people. But I did it. I built the trust, the respect and the love that real friends have over the last 6 months. I climbed over my own walls and let people in. Over shared and over listened, over drank and laughed till my sides hurt. 



And then to top it all off you set your sights on one of my closest friends and destroy a friend ship with one word. How cruel can humanity be. Have I been so oblivious to it all? Am I that naive


But in an effort to balance out all the practically terrible karma that is coming my way. 

I am going on a date tomorrow night. 

We’re heading to the Moon Cafe in Northbridge tomorrow night. 

Onwards and upwards right?




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