Have you ever done something and then immediately realised it was the worst idea ever?

I let slip that I have this blog to a guy.

And he may have read the blog (which has two post that are actually about him, which my friends thought were rather scathing and are impressed he still wants to be friends but moving on) which is fine, but now there are things I want to write about that I can’t really write about because they are so completely incriminating that I would really get in a lot of trouble for them.

But I want to write.

Because well they’re entertaining too.

But now I actually have something better to write about.

Though it’s still aimed at someone.

Just not quite as incriminating.

On an unrelated note before I get into how sad and weird my life seems to be, I want to take a moment to think of the people who were on the plane that went down over the Ukraine, and the irony of the fact that the act that was committed against humanity was committed on Nelson Mandela Day which is supposed to be an anti-hatred day. The world is twisted. Sick and twisted. I might ruffle a few feathers saying what I say, but I wish we would take a stand, take control and do something. Not mosey around like toothless tigers all skulking about avoiding pointing a finger or saying something incase “it causes some kind of upset” This world needs strength, it needs power and it needs people to take responsibility for what happens and show that there are consequences for actions accidental or otherwise. I’m not saying we should be nuking the place but there should be a fair more fierce and swift response than this school yard dobbing in and then denying blame that is going on.

It’s saddening, and makes me value my life so much more.

As cliche as that sounds.



And now onto my exceptionally petty rant.

The boy that hasn’t ever kissed a girl actually kissed a girl.

Which was me.

Cept now he isn’t talking to me.

WHY OH WHY CAN I NOT FIND A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. I’m being brutally honest here, but are there really no normal people out there than aren’t female and therefor not in my market. Seriously WHY ME. I really would just love to have someone, a person, who was my person.

I have also considered becoming a nun.

Seriously considered it actually.



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