Baking Adventure for The Week

I am sitting here on a sunday night deciding what to cook for the week; having eaten all the food that is in the fridge and realising I have no clue at all what to eat. So I’m starting with these ~

Coconut Energy Balls

And then after that we’ll have to see what my bank account agrees with.

On a side note I remembered another thing I needed to add to my rather sitcom style recounting of my life. Which was the random ex-no-longer-the-zac-efron-look-alike-he-used-to-be appearance Setting the scene – I’m casually house working my way through my friday morning, in my pyjamas, singing my heart out to Bliss n Eso *which I’m actually amazing at might I add* when in walks mister-I’m-sex-on-legs-christopher and starts to just remove his clothes all the while pointing out that he has abs in a deep and apparently sexy tone of voice.

Meanwhile I’m standing there in my PJ’s holding my vacuum cleaner wondering WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON do I hit him with the vacuum? or do I go with it? or do I just slap myself till I wake up and realise this is a really really twisted dream?

And then something awkward happened.

He got naked.

And then it all sort of didn’t happen for him.

And he had to get dressed, all while, I was still still standing there in my pyjamas, holding a vacuum, headphones still blasting out some form of Australian Hip Hop, trying desperately not to laugh or make the situation any more awkward that it already was.

And then he left.

And I haven’t spoken to him since.

Mucho Awkward.

Mucho Mucho Awkward.




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