tinder times

so seeing as my “xbox boy” was a complete bust.

And by complete bust I mean the cute vanilla blonde guy I thought I was falling for turned out to be a seriously creepy stalker of a lying scumbag who was really just using me to get free food and abuse the fact that I had a job and a drivers license. But moving right along I’ve descended to the level of Tinder.

For those unaware of this stroke of genius dating app, you are presented with a photo, a name, and an age, and you either swipe left for “oh hell no” or swipe right for “come at me you sexy sexy thing” at first I thought it was really just a sort of silly joke. I mean the guys can be a little odd. I’ve been asked if I will let them suck my toes, do it like monkeys and even have a threesome with them and their girlfriend. I did it really for a laugh. A little bit of escapism and to just have a good laugh with my friends. Until this.

Ok wordpress has just shat itself so bare with me here.

The “until this” was supposed to have a photo to follow, which I’ve added but I don’t know how to actually put into the post but aaaannywhooo.

I flicked right on this guy, I don’t even know why.

And now I’m lying in bed after having a lovely evening watching the new Transformers *which by the way is worth seeing and not at all as rubbish as people seem to keep saying, a little long but still amazing* He’s sweet, in a distinctly aussie kind of way. He has that up front honesty that Australians are so good at and to be honest it is one of the most refreshing qualities and I find myself being drawn to it time and time again.

But I think it’ll be fun to document all my little encounters.

I might never see Mitchell again, but he certainly saved me the pain of seeing a movie on my own and reminded me that I am a person somewhere deep down.



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