Like seriously full out RAGING 

But before all that here’s a picture of my current painting, which in all honesty I think is going to kill me. 


I haven’t even started the colour and my brain is already struggling. 

And I also really want to make these freaking amazing looking things. Peanut butter and chocolate in a brownie that isn’t going to make me look like an overstuffed chihuahua. Because I kid you not. That is exactly what I look like. 

And as another distraction I watched this last night. 

I died. 


But back to my rage moment. 

I play hockey, not brilliantly, but I play. 

And my coach is my ex boyfriend (and yes before you say anything I’ve heard every comment you could possibly make about that, yes it is awkward, yes I regret shitting where I eat and yes every time I hit a ball I imagine his face on it. Every. Single. Time) But anyway, I play for what is called the Provisional 1’s (the apparent “preparation” squad for the real teams) I’m not under any illusion in regards to my talent with a stick. I rely far more on my fitness than anything else in this game. We’re now pretty much half way through the season, which, although we’re on the bottom of the ladder kind of means that the teams are set. Or so I thought. Till I was dropped. Down to the shit house that is the team below. 


And then my ass of an ex decides to pull me aside and rub it all in by saying that “it’s nothing personal” 


I wanted to stab him in the neck. 

Although apparently my face displayed that really well. 

So kudos to me. 


And then to really top it all off the two people behind this sudden stab in the back looked at me and gave me the speech of “it’s better for the team, now we all get the chance to play more of the game, in teams that suit our skills” FUCKING MOLES yes because you’re so much better than me you 35 year old has beens. 

Considering none of you could catch me if I took the ball off you. Because that’s right I’m not carrying around those 15 donuts and 30 ciders you have in the fat rolls you carry around you oversized middle sections. 


Ah the things you come up with after a good nights sleep. 



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