Some people say “everything happens for a reason”. I can see the comfort in this affirmation. It provides a warm quantum of insulative solace whilst you await the resolution of your tragedy. In reality, shit happens. You can place a meaning behind it if you wish but I’m not convinced that will accelerate the solving of the problem. Though I can see ptential for that direction of thought leading to a much more negative frame of mind if left to wallow. 


These are your new circumstances, wait around for the ‘reason’ it happened; or get to work. Choice is yours. Either way it sucks but start now and you’ll soon strike opportunity to leverage that obstacle and turn it to your advantage. Only this time you’ll come to this advantage a little stronger and wiser ; afforded to you by your previous trails. So take pleasure in these obstacles (if in the grand scheme of things you can still call them that) it’s a reminder that you’re alive. Know that like everything else (even you) it too will pass. 


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