bad neighbours

Zac Efron

Two of the most shiver inducing words ever to exist on this planet. 


The movie was brilliant. I was practically drooling into my popcorn in all honesty.

That smile, and those abs. 



But anyway, you know how those kids put up facebook pictures and youtube videos about trying to get a mega star to go to prom? How do they get them trending? Just #dateme? I might need to do one. Something like #helpmesettlein when I move to Canada? I mean, I know most people just see him for all his sexy abs and high school musical charm, I didn’t actually appreciate him (and his multiple talents) till yesterday. High School Music made me want to squirm it was so umm scary to put it nicely. All that fringe with all that singing. It was a pom pom short of a preteen meltdown. 


In other news I finished another painting. 

Somehow it reminds me of a song by The Fray called Happiness. 

Worth a listen I’d recon. 




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