The Kicking Horse


This fantastic looking shot is taken from the slopes of The Kicking Horse Ski Resort. 

15 minutes outside of Golden, British Columbia. 



And where I will be going in November for six months of pure unadulterated freedom. 

Six months of snow, skiing, drinking, living, dreaming and wandering. 

The Lonely Stranger is getting new shoes. 


It’s time to leave this hole of a city I live in, it’s never really been home, I’ve never really felt like I belonged. 

I saw the add on seek and something told me to go for it. 

For the first time. 

It feels right. 

Which kind of put me in an awkward predicament with xbox boy, as he has, in recent weeks become incredibly attached and keen and smoochy and needy and well affectionate. So I decided to do what all terrible communicators do and called him about it. Assuming like anyone would that he’d take it badly, and most likely end the blossoming attachment. 


Instead, he proceeded to look at flights for the time I’ll be away and assured me he would visit, once if not twice. 

Adorable right? 










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