First up 


Gluten free life has been a success and I cooked 

Gluten Free Naan Bread

Chocolate Topped Nutty Fruity Bars

And tonight I plan to make little mini naan pizza bread things for dinner. 


I realise I haven’t really written much for my meagre band of followers to enjoy perusing and secretly feel happy that they do not live my over dramatic and some what soapy life (out side of photos and videos that is) and for this very reason I’ll attempt to cram the what-seemed-so-simple-yet-ever-so-complicated week I’ve had that has actually been more like two weeks. While also attempting to rewatch season 7 of Doctor Who. 

So excuse me if it’s a little haphazzard and not at all comprehensive. 

I was going to write this in points. 

But that wasn’t quite as funny as I thought it would be. 

So I hit refresh. 


So much has happened and yet so little. 

Urrgghh struggling to write here. 


Might come back to this. 



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