like fireworks

And it all went off like fireworks. 


It’s funny how you can think someone is the one. 

Until you get swept off your feet. 


Like fireworks. 


But enough of my developing love life, because let’s be honest I seem to have a constant stream of boyfriends and even I get sick of writing about everything each of them does. 


I’ve scored the day off today so I’m going to attempt some gluten free baking. 

And yes, I mean everything on the list below. 

Unless I run out of flour. 


Starbucks Gluten Free Chocolate Pound Cake

Nutella with a Twist

Braided Nutella Bread

And I will report back (with photos) of how each goes. 


I did, just the other week, attempt to make gluten free cinnamon scrolls (which if you click on the braided nutella bread and search through the recipes you’ll find it) and when I say attempt I mean that in the loosest for of the world. Though dough was meant to be bready kind of crossed with cake, it was meant to roll up into a sexy little log and slice like butter. But, for me, it flaked, and then sort of (in a very minecraft sort of way for the nerds out there) blocked it’s way into a lovely layered rectangle with all the filling billowing out the sides and onto the table. It was not pretty. Thankfully the motherload was not home and missed the buttery spicy mess that was oozing across the bench and down the cupboards and into the drawers. And When I say into the drawers. I mean into every teeny tiny little crack between every single utensil that exists in my kitchen. I decided there was no hard in baking my computer game inspired “rolls” and watched as my rather excellent nerd log became a sort of biscuit stack that resembled nothing of the delicious cinnamon bun inspired baked goods I was copying. 


All I can say for this experience is sorghum flour is bad. 

Very bad. 

Though my cinammony flakey biscuty cake rolls were in hindsight pretty damn funky. 

And lets be honest food is food right?


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