that awkward moment

when I sleep with my ex

I wasn’t intending too


I mean, I went round there with the intention of flaunting everything I’ve got to make sure he knew what he was missing out on. I put on my heels, and straightened my hair, and a little black dress and even some perfume. I looked down right undressable. And that was the point. Play hard to get right? Show him what his missing and make him want you? 


I sit on the hood of my car, cross my legs and wait for him to emerge from behind his car.

If he could have melted into a horny pool he would have. 


And then like an idiot I went inside. 

Epic fail. 


And then it was like that scene from friends with benefits.

He unzipped me and then murmurs “whoopsie” 

And that’s all she wrote. 


Well that’s all I’m writing anyway.

Till he invited me to stay for dinner with his parentals and called me “mullet” just like the old times. 





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