you know what gets me

so after the whole xbox-is-better-than-a-real-girl fiasco. 

He dumped me. 



After stringing me along for over a week, leading me to believe everything was all hunky dory and perfectly imperfect – and inviting me out to a really luscious dinner with his parents at an exclusive perth restaurant – he just ended it. Just like that. Gave me the flick, a mere hour before the dinner, and then expected me to go along anyway “after all, we’ll always be friends” FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. 

Yes because breaking up with your girl and then trying to pat yourself on the back for doing it so well by suggesting that you and said girl will still be besties, and still go out for dinner, and still go camping, and watch movies, and go for drives, and chat, and text and call. 


But you know what really gets me.

What really twists that knife just that little bit deeper. 

It’s the fact he could sit there (after saying how hard the decision was and how he still loved me but just couldn’t see us being together) sit there and just grin and laugh and joke around as if I’d never existed in his life, like I was never the reason he smiled all day, never the reason he was excited to get home from work, never the reason he laughed so hard he cried, like the whole relationship was a complete and utter joke and a waste of his time. That the break up meant so little to you, that the thought of me never speaking to you again really. didn’t. bother. you. That I was just another notch on your bed post. 


Then again, I probably was. 


Just racking up the numbers so you can boast about how much ass you’ve had. 


I hope you’re proud of yourself. 



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