so I’ve been checking out the idea of these so called “dating sites” 


EHarmony is a joke.

You can’t do anything unless you pay them money. 

So it’s really just the blind leading the blind. 


RSVP was however slightly less of a joke. 

You can actually check out people, and communicate without having to pay any money. 

Unless of course you actually wanted to talk to the person. 

Then you need the mullah. 


But as it happens, I gave it a go, out of pure curiosity. And to be honest loneliness. And it wasn’t so bad. I’ve made some brilliant friends from the site. Though I’ve made some creepy friends too. Real creepy friends. The kind of creepy friends that make you want to walk home 10km rather than let the guy give you a ride in his beaten up truck. But my question is does it really work? Is it really worth it? All the guys are sweet and genuine and flattering. But they are desperate. In a way. And seem more keen on getting into your pants than actually seeing you in the pants. I am flooded with curiosity, old guys, young guys, single guys, and the occasional married one. But none seem to have that “I-actually-want-to-get-to-know-you-rather-than-see-you-naked” feel about them. 


On the plus side, it is mildly entertaining. 

It’s like the hunger games but no one knows where the other ones are. 


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