because everyone needs a cliche boyfriend post

I know I don’t have many followers so feel free to laugh at my incompetence. 

Or kick my ass. 

Either one I’ll accept. 

So I planned a lovely date on Thursday – Gold Class movies to see Captain America with food and drinks, a few hours to chill out, go walk along the beach, be romantic, and then dinner at Jamie’s Italian in the city – as a bit of background, we work really awkward shifts so that we don’t often match up with more than an hours free time to see each other. So me being me, I love to plan, and spoil, and watch that happy sparkle people get when they are completely blown away. It’s how I justify being all bitter and twisted inside. 


As we’re sitting on the porch, lounging in the sun in a post-gold-class-food-and-luxury-coma. We are interrupted by the wonderful sound of an angry cow, well a phone on vibrate. “Hey bro” = the end of any remote plans I may have even be dreaming of. As I sat there slowly trying to slide into oblivion my night was slowly unravelled. 


Dinner with Devon 

Dinner at Devons place 

Dinner snacks at Devons place

Dinner after drinks at Devons place

And eventually 


Xbox night 


So instead of dinner at Jamies with the love of my life. I ended up watching blackops 2 and studying. Was I so wrong to be annoyed and mildly hurt for having my day ruined? Or should I be the one begging for forgiveness? I’m at an impasse. On one hand I don’t want to be oppressive and pushy about the time we spend together, but on the other hand I don’t want to get pushed to the background and have to fight for my space in the relationship. 




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