I work in a juice bar, I won’t say which one, or where.

On the off chance my boss actually can operate technology and just pretends to be a four eyed oaf too lull us into a false sense of security and will one day open up the can of worms that is our ranting hatred of him on social media.

We see a fair amount at my place of work, skinny kids, fat mamma’s buying their babies “healthy” drinks and the occasional #fitspo hipster who thinks the drinks will give them the instagram likes they need. But today, today we met a lovely larger than life lady, who decided that she needed a juicy sugary hit; (May I add in here as a bit of background, we are not supposed to fill our drinks up to the top of the cup as it cause an odd sort of vacuum and the drink sort of balloons out the straw hole and all over the customer) moving right along, I poured up her drink leaving the needed gap at the top to prevent the overflow.

“Do I not get a full cup anymore?”

She said to me in the most condescending tones of voice I think I’ve heard, one of those you’re-clearly-stupid-and-I’m-clearly-more-intellegent-because-I-have-a-real-job kinds of voices.

I smiled as genuinely as possible; “well no, you see if I do that it will overflow and, lets be honest her miss, do you really need those extra calories anyway? You have looked in a mirror recently haven’t you? Obesiety is on the rise, and I feel I need to do my part to help slow it down.


and somehow I still have my job.


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