Justice League Painting?


Justice League Painting?

I was once asked why I didn’t have more than one painting on the go. I’d never really considered the idea of having multiple works but now that I’ve discovered some fantastic Justice League images I’m being to see the positives.


life really sucks sometimes

It’s amazing, astounding even how you can go from being the only girl in his world, to another girl in the world over night. 


It really shocks me. 

And is really is the kick in the guts that I don’t need. 


Not that that was the point of this, but I thought it needed to be said. 


Also, since when was Tails even remotely Irish sounding? SERIOUSLY people. Isn’t it obviously a nick name? Or am I just believing in peoples IQ a little too much? …. though now that I think about it, I probably am a little too gullible when it comes to what I think people are capable of. 


Not that that was the point of this either. 

Moving right along. 


As I was driving home from work flicking through all the songs on my iPod I realised how many I skipped over because of the vivid memories that came with the songs. Is it just me? Am I the only person who has attached such realistic memories to songs to the point I can’t listen to the albums, months and even years after. 

Like Maroon 5 just reminds me of the guy that told me to “never attach memories to Maroon 5 you deserve to keep your favourite band to yourself” and so even two years on I haven’t touched Songs About Jane. 

Or Lifehouse the songs that defined an entire relationship. 

Or American Apparel because even though it wasn’t “our song” it somehow seemed to relate to how we saw each other. 

Or Meet Me In Paris because that was the song that kept us going through my Eurotrip (which now that I think about it completely jipped me of two months of a four month relationship that I think I deserved!) 

Or Trumpets by Jason Derulo because as much as it was crude it was how you showed me you loved me. 

Or Set Fire To The Third Bar because somehow even at 17 I managed to relate the lyrics to me being in Italy and him being in Australia and so far away yet so close. 


You see what I mean? I’ve managed to ruin just about every decent song out there, or at least the ones I actually want to listen to, to the point where I often drive home in complete silence because it’s easier that constantly hitting next on my dash board. 


I realise now there wasn’t really a point to this post more just a general rant about how being a sappy romantic can really suck sometimes. Especially when you are a musician and you live for the one thing you can’t stand. 


Life really sucks sometimes. 


Tomorrow is another day. 




And I’m not even lying when I say that.


This guy, is quite literally my brain twin, literally. 

Cept when he ate all my pop corn the greedy toad. 


But it’s funny how these things work, I was pretty much set on deleting RSVP that the only guys that were on there were creepy and weird and needed a good smack in the face with a table, or a brick, or a chair. And had clearly not learnt that girls are not hookers and not desperate to get laid. Or have their boobs felt in the car park. But then I skimmed his rather nervous email and bam. BRAIN TWIN. 


He’s actually the sweetest kid. 


Even though he had no phone and no car he trekked the hour long train and bus trip into the city on the off chance I was still working the day before yesterday to say hi and eat kebabs for two hours before I went to hockey. Ummm adorable. Needless to say the girls at work were swooning over his rather well built physique, and have now dubbed him as “xbox box” and suggested he comes past more often. That and the fact they they are all wishing to invest in an xbox now too.


He’s great, he’s fantastic. 


And I’m happy. 


On a side note we had some creepy weirdoes coming through the shop today. 


More to follow.