gym time rant time

I’ve decided gym time is rant time, get-on-my-orange-box-and-get-it-out-of-my-system-time. Seems like a plan. Except when I can’t think of any decent rantable topics.

Though I had a golden fist bump moment with a dim witted green peace activist the other day. They are fantastic people, I’m not denying that, a little cotton wooled but fantastic none the less. Anyway as I was strolling around the city I was pounced upon by one such activist. He gave me his speech “let’s save the beaches…no shark cull…barrier reef…yada yada yada..and of course you don’t agree with the oil rigs going in off the coast of perth…” I looked at him bemused “if I was to agree with you on that last point then my dad would be out of a job” I replied. He stood there stunned.

Which is when I said “and that’s how we do it”….kidding.

Of course I don’t agree. But seriously, get a grip, unless you want us all the die of coal related diseases thanks to your apparently clever idea to stop the production of oil and gas, USE YOU BRAIN.

in completely unrelated news I made one kick as plate of mushroom and garlic pasta that was surprise surprise gluten free, wheat free, and dairy free. And the boyfriend still rated it.

Until he bought his big mac on the way home.



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